Private In-Home Training


FDTOC offers several fee structures for in-home private training, as well as a discount to clients who pay in advance for at least three private lessons.  We don't require that you commit upfront to paying hundreds of dollars for more lessons than you may need, but we do offer a discount should you want additional lessons once you've completed the Initial Private session.

The fees provided below are not  "per dog," but rather for the amount of time our trainer will be working with you.  However, please consider that if you and the trainer will be working with more than one dog, a longer lesson will probably be a more effective choice.  

Pay Per Lesson:


Initial Private Training:                         $150.00  

This is for  new customers, up to 1.5 hour session will include consultation as well as hands on training to help with any dog training issues. A certified trainer will also discuss your treatment plan whether it be continued private sessions at a discounted rate, a group class, or board and train program.  (travel fee's  apply if distance is over 10 miles round trip)

60-Minute Private Lesson:                   $  110.00 

1 hour training session in handlers home, local park , or Falco Field after initial training session. A Falco Trainer will work with your dog hands on addressing any behavioral issues including aggression. (travel fee's  apply if distance is over 10 miles round trip)


90-Minute Private Lesson:                   $150.00 
training session in handlers home. Will work with your dog hands on addressing any and all behavioral issues including aggression. (recommended if you have multiple dogs) Ask about discount package if you purchase 3 or more. (travel fee's  apply if distance is over 10 miles round trip)

5 Session Package Private Lesson:   499.00 (After initial private/consult) - 5 hours of training

(travel fee's  apply if distance is over 10 miles round trip)


4 Session Package Private Lesson & Group Class:   680.00  Use the privates however you'd like. You can use them all before the group class to prepare or use a couple before class and then schedule the others during or after the group class. A Falco Trainer can help you decide how to get the most out of your private sessions

****If two trainers are needed for a session a 40.00 additional fee will be added to the training session. This usually applies to dog aggression cases where we need another trainer to bring a dog to the session. Your trainer will discuss your options at the initial private session. There are no refunds for private session packages.

**Travel rates may apply if you are out of area (over 10 miles from Brea)


To Schedule a Private lesson please click the Contact Us on the title bar and our office manager will get with you shortly.

 (travel fee's and mileage may apply depending on your location)

Disclaimer: Falco Dog Training Orange County reserves The Right To Decline Services to any existing or prospective client. In addition, if a client is disruptive to class, hits dog, or any other nuisance that brings attention, Falco will remove student from the class, class fee's are non refundable. (this does not apply to overexcited dogs, dog issues, or dog behavior issues)

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