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Intro to Nose work 

Looking for something fun with your dog. Check out Intro to Nosework.


Now starting.. Contact our office for more details or click on the Register tab to sign up directly.


For Complete List of Specialized Programs offered by Falco Dog Training OC please contact us to schedule an evaluation


Call our office 714-253-4007

Got a High Drive Dog or Puppy?

Learn how to play properly with your dog by learning "The Game". Once your dog understands the game you can teach them almost anything using a ball or toy.

Contact Falco DTOC and ask for Private Trainings with Zack Devore, Certified in Training Without Conflict from International Dog Trainer and Competitor Ivan Balbanov

Does your dog have prey drive, do you need help with a specific obedience command, want to work off-leash, want to try dog sports with high level obedience, want to teach your dog how to find people, do you want to work on protection/bite work? This Friday night class is for you! It is drop in style and RSVP needs to be done by Thursday each week. You can RSVP by phone 714-253-4007 or by email The class starts at 6pm and you can arrive between 6pm-6:45pm. If you can specify arrival time in your RSVP it would be appreciated. The class is $25 cash every time you show up, please bring exact change. 


Friday Night Fun


Mentorship Program

Interested in becoming a dog trainer? Need to understand the business side? Mentorship programs start at $2000 Call Falco Dog Training OC for details on this program. 714-253-4007


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