Not enough time to train your own dog? Just want to get the job done without spending time in group or private training? 

We offer individualized attention and lots of socialization and play, all while setting good habits and obedience.

To be accepted into our Board and Train Program, an evaluation is required before the B&T reservation can take place.

For all board and trains, the prices noted here are the base prices. The cost can increase with the addition of private session packages which a Falco trainer may request to be added for your particular needs.

*Mileage rates may apply if you are out of area and requires our trainer to come to your home. Ask our office personnel if your location

will incur these costs.

Vaccinations required: DHPP, Bordetella, Neg Fecal exam for Giardia, Influenza, Rabies (puppies, if old enough)



Two-Week Board & Train

This programs is for puppies and adult dogs with no aggression, fear issues. Our training covers all of the basic commands including: Heel, Sit/Stay, down, Thresholds, Place, and Come. In addition to our command training we will resolve any negative behavior issues, such as jumping, annoying barking . This will be evaluated before dog enters program.

                                            1 - 1 hour Training @ when your dog is picked up.
                                            2 - Coupons to join one of our Obedience Class sessions

3 -Week Board & Train

Designed for dogs who have mild fear/aggression toward humans or other animals or if you want more than just Basic commands for a adult dog with no aggression issues. An Evaluation will determine the recommended program.

                                                                 Call 714-253-4007 for more info:

                                                 1 -  Go Home Training Session when your dog is picked up.

                                                 1 - Mid Session ( half way mark during the B&T)

                                                 1 - 1 hour Training within 7-10 days after the go home session

                                                 3 months of free Group Classes  (must be used immediately                                                                                                    3 months starts from the day your dog returns home)

                                                 (only at your dogs level; may not be used to Advance group obedience levels)

5 Week Board & Train - Aggression Rehab

ONYX Program $6125.00

Designed for dogs who have severe aggression toward humans or other animals or if you're looking for Advanced Obedience or Intro to Protection. E-Collar purchase is extra and needed for all aggression B&T clients.


                                   Call 714-253-4007 for more information about our Onyx Training Program


                                             1 - 1 hour Training when your dog is picked up.

                                             2 - Mid Sessions

                                             1 - Follow up @ 1 week and at 3 week mark.

                                             6 months of Free Group classes 

                                             (only at your dogs level, not to be used for advancement, must be used immediately                                                             6 months starts from the day your dog returns home)

                                             Additional privates at your home can also be purchased at a discounted price.