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Types of Training We Offer


Board and Train

We offer board and train programs between two and six weeks long. Each program is tailored to the owner's wants and needs when it comes to training.  We can handle anything from basic obedience to severe aggression issues. 

Falco offers several Levels of Obedience Training: Puppy, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Whether it be to master the walk or to have your dog off-leash, we can help you reach your goal. 

Dog Walker
Day at the Park

If you prefer working one on one with a trainer, have a dog that is not people/dog friendly, or are having issues specific to the home such as chewing, jumping, running out the door, begging, barking, potty training, and more, give us a call to schedule a private lesson! ​​

Specialized Skills

We offer training for Good Citizen Program, Nosework, Protection and Therapy/Service Animal Work 

Dog Contest
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