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With our program we focus on the human and we don't complicate the dog training process.  In this program you will learn how to have a loving and respectful relationship with your dog that goes both ways. This really is what sets our training apart from any other program you may have used before. If you don't have a healthy balance of Love and Respect with your dog then you probably don't have a complete relationship.

Puppy Group Class

This class is ideal for puppies  6 - 12 months, (under 6 months should schedule privates sessions as focus between the age of 3-5 months in a group environment is difficult )

Want to understand your new puppy, learn how to communicate with your puppy on a level they understand, learn about the development of the puppy's mind, and reach the perfect balance and happiness of your dog and the rest of your family.

Skills learned: Walk Rules, Sit, Down, Stay, Place Command, Loose leash walk, confidence building.

6-week Course

Materials needed: Treat pouch,  Kibble & High Value Treats, 6ft leash, & Minimum 15 ft leash, place cot.

Must provide copy of DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations

Basic Obedience Group Class

Our Program in Orange County is rated #1. No other program offers you an 6 week course that includes a Closed Facebook group for help anytime/anywhere. 

If you need help establishing good conduct and curbing bad habits such as pulling on your walk, jumping on your guests and over- exuberance, enroll now! 6-week class. All basic obedience commands including Heel, Automatic Sit, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Distractions, Place Command, Mastering the walk, Recall (Come!) will be covered. Certificates will be awarded at graduation.

Must provide copy of DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies 

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE, Locations: Tustin and Brea

Intermediate Group Class

Continue your canine's education! We offer 5-week obedience courses for dogs that have completed a basic Dog Obedience class. Our "post-graduate" classes provide handlers and dogs with the opportunity to continue improving and reinforcing basic obedience exercises in a group setting, and also introduce new skills and exercises. Long-distance stays, recalls from 30 ft., hand signal work, and continuing exposure to different distractions are mainstays of these classes. Handlers may progress to off-leash training as their skills improve, as well as other advanced exercises such as Drop on Recall, and Sit-Stay and Down-Stay out of sight. Handlers preparing for obedience competitions, pet therapy programs, or "Canine Good Citizen" certification will find this class extremely helpful. Certificates will be awarded at graduation.

Must provide copy of DHPP, Bordatella, and Rabies 

NOTE: Taking Falco's Basic Obedience class prior to Intermediate is required. If you have taken Basic Obedience elsewhere, please call Falco to arrange for an evaluation as we need to assess your dog's skills prior to your sign up for class. 

Disciplines you will be tested on:
All Basic Commands
Sit in motion
Down in motion
Turn into your dog
Place command
Sit and down from a distance (hand signal only)
Stop and Stand
Stand from a sit
Leash Management
Overall Skill


LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE: Locations: Tustin and Brea

Advanced Group Class

READY FOR OFF LEASH!! This 5-week course is the most challenging and demanding class that Falco has to offer. Here at Falco we will make sure that your dog learns to obey all of your commands without the prescense of a leash, at various distances of at the minimum 15 ft, and at a virtually infinite duration. The cornerstone of this entire training is that we train your dog to want to obey you, instead of forcing your dog to obey. We make sure that you treat your dog with love and respect, while you give your dog back the very same. This class has shown to be the most difficult class we offer here at Falco, but also the most rewarding.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience. please call Falco to arrange for an evaluation as we need to assess your dog's skills prior to your sign up for class.   

Disciplines you will be tested on:
All Basic Commands
Intermediate 1 Commands (in motions, stop & Stand)
Advanced Commands:

Half Way Sit
Half Way Down

Half Way Stand
Place from a Distance
Stand from Sit from a distance
Down Stay out of sight - 5 minutes

* These commands may change throughout the year based on the instructor.


Disclaimer: Falco Dog Training Orange County reserves The Right To Decline Services to any existing or prospective client. In addition, if a client is disruptive to class, hits dog, or any other nuisance that brings attention, Falco will remove student from the class, class fee's are non refundable. (this does not apply to overexcited dogs, dog issues, or dog behavior issues)

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